Dr. Mama Bird was dreamed up by Dr. Alex Pankoke, DC.

She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and most importantly a woman with a heart to serve other women.

During her second pregnancy, she decided to birth a new edition to her and her husband's practice, enKindle Chiropractic. She wanted to dedicate a special practice and business model specifically designed to serve the women in her community, and thus Dr. Mama Bird was birthed.
















The Practice
At Dr. Mama Bird & enKindle Chiropractic our first priority is to serve our Creator by

serving the members of our community. Specifically, we focus on serving families, especially expecting mothers and children.

As parents, we understand that the health of you and your family is your first priority. That is why we offer quality boutique-style care for the entire family. We also understand that you are looking for a provider that has YOUR best interests in mind; so we keep things simple.

This allows us to deliver you the care YOU need, rather than the "one size fits all".

Our tailored yet simplified options are made to support both YOU and YOUR individual family's needs and values.


Start your journey today and become a practice member!


The Business


Doc, does this sound like you?

You want to deliver intentional 7-star comprehensive care, where you can take your time and really get to know your patients and serve them at a deeper level without feeling stressed, rushed, & overwhelmed...

You want to have the freedom over your schedule so that you can enjoy experiences with your family and life NOW; rather than in 10, 20, or 30 years after you've "made it"...

You want earn a "real doctor's salary", so that you can actually pay off your student loans and live comfortably without sacrificing your health or family...


 You know the only way to do all of this is your own small practice, but you aren't sure how to get started, what's a good location, what to charge?


Could you imagine if...

You had a road map that showed you exactly how to turn your passion for service into a REAL business that paid you well BUT doesn't take over your life....

You knew you had a plan that allowed you to make a consistent $8k/month or more without working long grueling hours and seeing hundreds of patients a week...


You knew how to market yourself and RIGHT people for your service in a predictable way that works TODAY in 2020's... 

You knew exactly what metrics you needed to hit to achieve your goals and write your first paycheck in month one!

You knew that you could start a business that would truly give you work-life balance from the START without waiting a decade to get there...

If that is an..."YAAAS!!!" , then my friend, it is time for you to check out THE NEW WAY to practice!
Just click the button below to learn more about how to design the practice of your DREAMS!

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"After a lifetime of feeling like I was constantly tying to conform to someone else's idea of health, business & practice, motherhood, and beauty; I realized that I we don't belong in boxes. Life is a masterpiece that we get to shape and mold everyday".

That is what Dr. Mama Bird is all about!
Whether it is your body, your business, or both-- I am here to show you some different tools, but you get choose what the work of art will be!