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DON'T SKIP THESE STEPS Before Starting A New Fitness Routine

Top 2 MISTAKES people make when starting fitness-related NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.

1. Not getting enough rest

So you got it all planned out. You are going back to working out, and this time you are sticking to it. You got your new gear to motivate you, your trainer, and your accountability partner. You are going to get up 1.2 hours early and get it in. Right?

Our question is, where are you pulling that time from? As adults, we still need our sleep. Men 7-9 hours, Women at least 8-10. Yes, getting moving is important, but rest is too.

If you want to stick with your plan AND see progress. Reverse engineer it. Start with making sure you are getting enough rest, so you have the capacity to reach your goals.

If you want to get up early, great! Let's sit down and rearrange some things so that you can get your sleep.

If you are already cutting it close on sleep, before you jump into a fitness routine, take a month to dial in your sleep habits FIRST. You will feel SOOO MUCH better & reach your goals faster!

2. Building on a wonky foundation

So you want to move more, get leaner, & get stronger. Just like a house, you build your health from the bottom up. For this reason, it is vital you check the foundation FIRST.

If not, you may find yourself at the least growing asymmetrically or at worst struggling with setbacks from having to recover from an overuse injury.

We always advise anyone who is starting on a new fitness journey to start with chiropractic care and work towards attaining balance in their nervous system and musculoskeletal framework FIRST.

THEN focusing on foundational movement before moving on to more challenging things.

Think about it as investing in PRE-HAB vs going to Rehab.

In other words, check yourself, before you wreck yourself. 😉 Your body will thank you!

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