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The 4th Trimester

Giving birth is a beautifully intense physical and emotional experience that pushes a woman to places she never knew she could go. It's more intense than an ultramarathon.

Even the smoothest of births puts extreme stress on the body followed by the rapid change to your spine and soft tissues once the baby is suddenly no longer in your belly. Add all the new activities of mothering such as nursing, rocking, and changing and you have the recipe for 4th-trimester frustrations! 

At Dr. Mama Bird, we are here to support you in this season of recovery. We know how hard you are working, AND we know you can't pour from an empty cup. Chiropractic care during your postpartum recovery can help you to integrate all of these new changes so that you can be the best new mom you can be.  

​Benefits of Postpartum Care Include

Speeding overall and pelvic floor recovery
Healing Diastasis Recti

Helping to establish breastfeeding

Restoring spine and pelvic alignment and balance

Relieving aches and pains from nurturing

Aiding in the prevention of postpartum depression

Providing comfort for better sleep


C-Section Recovery

Whether it's planned or not, a cesarean section is a much BIGGER deal than our society realizes.
It's a major abdominal surgery.
And just like any major surgery, it is crucial to intentionally rest, recover, and rehabilitate after.

After all, the procedure is 7 layers deep!

And no, I'm not just talking about the first 6 weeks of basic wound care. I am talking about restoring your core and rehabbing your body's way of moving through this world over the next 6-12 months.

Now, if you are wondering, "What! Why haven't heard of this before?!", you are not alone. Your doctor is not keeping secrets from you. The sad truth is women's health care is very much lacking especially in this department.

While the procedure has been around for quite some time; C-section rehabilitation is a relatively new field as more and more women and doctors are realizing the long-term effects this procedure can have on the body if rehab does not take place.

I am excited to say, at Dr. Mama Bird, this is one of the things we do best! As a c-section mama myself, I realized just how crucial this piece has been to my health journey and I can't wait to support other mamas just like you on yours!

Signs You Could Benefit From C-Section Rehab: Chronic Low Back Pain Since Giving Birth

Puffiness or shelf around your scar

Sciatica+ Hip Pain

Knee + Ankle Pain

Difficulty taking a deep breath

Abdominal Tightness

Leaking when you cough, sneeze or jump

Pain with intercourse
Feeling "disconnected" above and below your incision

History of poor wound healing 


P.S. Whether you had your baby a few weeks ago or 30 years ago, you can still benefit from this work!


Dr. Alex is a fantastic chiropractor. She not only adjusted me throughout my pregnancy, but also offered tips on staying active and things to be cautious of while pregnant. 
She’s very knowledgeable and professional and truly cares about each of her patients/clients. I would highly recommend Dr. Alex.

-Elizabeth A.

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