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Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting and/or overwhelming times in a woman's life. As you begin to notice the changes in your body and become curious about the baby's growth; you realize that you want to start preparing for your birth and transition into motherhood.

As Webster Certified perinatal chiropractors, It is our mission to provide you with resources to help you prepare both mentally and physically through childbirth education and chiropractic care so that you may have an empowered birth experience.

Chiropractic care in pregnancy supports & and promotes the normal functions and growth for both you and baby during this incredible time.

Learn more about the Webster Technique and the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care.

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Whether you are having your 1st child our your 10th, preparing your body for birth with chiropractic care can support your desired birth outcomes with an empowering or redemptive birth experience.

While our primary goal is to help a mama prepare for a smoother birth and motherhood, we can also help you to have a more enjoyable pregnancy!

Conditions chiropractic can help in pregnancy.


Back and Hip Pain

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction
(pubic bone pain, aka "lightening crotch")

Round Ligament Pain


Morning Sickness

Tight muscles 

Difficulty walking (aka "the waddle")


Reducing Breach Position 


My experience with Dr. Paul and Dr. Alex has been great...I came in at the beginning of my last trimester and Dr. Paul set me on a plan for adjustments and getting my pelvis aligned and prepared for a natural home birth. My husband and I also met with Dr. Alex early on for exercises to practice at home and during labor. On the big day, I labored for 11 hours and pushed for 8 minutes. I’m certain that the work we did with Dr. Paul had a big impact on the time I spent in labor...
They really are great people who will treat you like part of the family!

Judith C

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