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What Our Mamas Say

I started seeing Dr. Alex Pankoke when I was 22 weeks pregnant in Fall 2020. She is knowledgeable and professional and has a specialty in perinatal care. I was more than prepared for my water birth in June 2021. My labor was less than 12 hours, and I was home in my bed 3 hours later. I am sure of the value her practice adds. My son started his chiropractor visits at two weeks old, and we continue to see her consistently. I can’t see us going anywhere else.
Britney C.

Dr. Alex was such a blessing to me and my little family. Her easy going nature and just magical hands were a Godsend. She was literally there every step of the way! Thank you Dr. Alex for helping my family start off on the right path. Forever grateful to you.
-Karina S. 

Dr. Alex was pivotal both before and especially during my pregnancy! She is extremely knowledgeable in childbirth and her holistic and calm approach changed my whole perspective on childbirth! My husband and I signed up for her child-birthing classes and learned so much from her! She also helped me change my mindset, let go of fear, and develop positive affirmations that I used during delivery! Also, I would see her regularly for adjustments that eased a lot of stress and tension in my body, especially during the final days of my pregnancy!
-Brittney H.

Dr. Alex is such a blessing to her clients. The amount of time she spends and the expertise she offers make very noticeable differences in people’s lives!!! I always refer my clients to her with confidence knowing they are in excellent hands. I highly recommend Dr.Alex, she’s awesome.
-Angie H.

Dr. Alex was instrumental in helping labor with my first baby progress very rapidly! I had been in labor for a few hours and baby wasn’t quite in the right position. During a quick last-minute adjustment, I literally felt the baby drop down and engage. It was amazing and I was holding my little boy less than three hours later! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Alex to anyone needing excellent prenatal chiropractic care.
-Kristin M.

Dr. Alex is absolutely amazing! From my first visit with her she was able to figure out issues that I was having that no other chiropractor had had any luck with. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in her field but she is very kind and caring and really goes out of her way to do all she can for her patients. She went the extra mile every time for myself and my 2 year old daughter. If we were not moving cross country she would have a patient for life!
-Rachel R.
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