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Dr. Paul, Leading Sunnyvale & Mesquite Chiropractor for Athletes, Expands His Availability!

Dr Paul is opening more space for clients! We've seen such a great growth in our athletic community, with more active parents wanting to keep up with their regular routines during pregnancy and after postpartum recovery. With an expertise in Sports Physiology, Dr Paul Pankoke brings niche experience and expertise to his Chiropractic sessions, offering feedback on movement, offering the ability to co-design work-out plans, and more!

Dr. Paul Pankoke has specialized training to support athletes and weekend warriors who want to stay at the top of their game!

When it comes to sports, Dr. Paul has worn many hats...from athlete to coach, ref, strength & conditioning coach, exercise physiologist, and now a chiropractor.

As a youth athlete, he played soccer and baseball, competed in powerlifting, and was a kicker for Wesleyan Univerisity's Football team in college.

Over time, his love for the game, high-intensity fitness, and weight lifting at times resulted in major and minor injuries. Learning how to recover and become a better athlete is what put him on his path to where he is today.

As a father, Dr. Paul is passionate about helping your family prevent sports injuries so that your athlete can enjoy playing for a lifetime, without having to manage all the aches, pains, and frustrations that he himself and many other former athletes deal with as adults. His specialization as an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and expertise in the Gonstead System offers those who work with Dr Paul the opportunity to go above and beyond in their healing so they can further their athletic training.

His philosophy is "Let's build strong and balanced kids, so we don't have to fix them as broken adults".

He is a big believer that God designed the body with everything it needs to heal and thrive, and it is his pleasure to help empower you and your family by facilitating that power through chiropractic care.

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