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How many visits does chiropractic take?

Short Answer:

It depends.

Full Answer:

Just like many "Wellness Oriented" chiropractic practices, at enKindle chiropractic, our model is designed to do more than just "fix" your pain naturally, but rather our mission is to support YOU as a person and your body's innate capacity to heal, be resilient, and thrive. We are here for ongoing care through a season, and/or as a part of your health & wellness regimen.

That said, we rarely provide care on a visit to visit basis. Instead, we operate more like your orthodontist whose focus is on the OUTCOME ie" Straight teeth and a perfect smile!". In our case, the focus is on healing, recovery, improved improved function, performance, and vitality, ect.

Our care recommendations are individualized and reflect the level of support that is in alignment with what your body and nervous system needs to achieve these higher-level health goals. Rather than focusing on the number of visits to "tighten the braces" (get adjusted), our practice is designed to support your nervous system and helping you to achieve your health goal over a period of time.

Just as it takes time to change a smile, it takes time to make a lasting change in your body. As an adult, it's likely whatever you are struggling with has been an issue for some time. Which is why just like the orthodontist, we recommend care while your child is growing into their body, rather than waiting to uproot patterns as an adult. Unlike your orthodontist though, our "corrective phase" of care is typically over a period of a few months rather than years! 😁 And just like your brushing your teeth and wearing a retainer, we recommend regular movement and life-long maintenance care for your nervous system and whole body too!

At enKindle Chiropractic, after your initial examination, on your Day 2 Visit, we will present you with your exam results, your individualized recommended plan of care, the investment, and payment options for said plan.

If you are looking for short-term pain relief or injury treatment, there are many practices designed to serve this purpose, however ours may not be a great fit for you.

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