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C-Section Restoration

More than just recovery.

Giving birth is a beautifully intense physical and emotional experience that pushes a women to places she never knew she could go.

Whether a "belly birth" was planned or an emergency, the process can be extremely traumatic and leave both physical and emotional scars.

After an unplanned c-section with her first left her feeling broken and disconnected, Dr. Alex set out to find a solution to help her body heal.

To her surprise, there were and still are extremely few resources and specialists devoted to helping women recover from such a prevalent procedure. That was when she decided to develop her own protocol and thus the C-section Restoration Method™ was born. 


C-Section Truths

Research shows that C-section scars can cause chronic pain for years after a surgical birth.

Studies also show that 90% of women experience pain somewhere else than their scar.
40% in the lower back

20% in the shoulder

10% at the scar

30% in other areas

Beyond becoming free from pain, our C-section Restoration Method™ has helped women:


  • Reduce the appearance of the scar

  • Reduce puffiness and bloating from a “c-section shelf”

  • Feel more like themselves again

  • Restore mobility in the back and hips

  • Feel more connected in their body

  • Achieve a flatter tummy

  • Get more out of core exercises

  • Actually, fully RECOVER from surgery

  • Prep for successful VBACs



The Process

Our C-section Restoration Method™ is a comprehensive approach designed to help your body release and regain strength.

Our process starts with a comprehensive assessment to determine your body's specific needs. From there we combine specialized chiropractic care to restore balance to your pelvis and nervous system; scar tissue release using MPS Therapy , a painless and simple therapy that is highly effective for reducing the negative influence of scars; Core Restore Rehab exercises designed to retrain your body and pelvic floor to move functionally from the ground up and heal diastasis recti; visceral massage to support normal digestion and reduce compensatory problems from adhesions left behind by the surgery.

At first, I felt so much looser and connected. Later that week when I worked out I could feel my stomach muscles engaging like they did before kids. I could also see a noticeable change in my scar pigmentation and a flatter tummy after two treatments. Every woman who has had a c-section needs this!

-Ashley T.

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