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Self-Care for Adults

Let's be real. Parenting is WORK!
We all could use a little more self-care and TLC when raising up the next generation.
If you want to feel the best you've ever felt, so that you can be your best for your family, 
we can help!

Whether you are dealing with aches and pains or just want to kindle your health, chiropractic care is the key to maintaining  an active and healthy lifestyle. This is why  experts estimate 90% of world class athletes get adjusted by chiropractors to prevent injuries and promote wellness.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a soccer mom, we can help you stay one step ahead of the game so that you can continue functioning at your best.

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Benefits of regular chiropractic care often include:

Increased Energy​​

Improved capacity to deal with stress

Decreased headaches

Decreased back and neck pain

Improved posture

Better sleep and mood

Improved exercise recovery

Enhanced athletic performance

Increased range of motion

Injury prevention


Working with Dr. Alex has been an absolute blessing in my life. She is deeply knowledgeable, so gentle and wonderfully kind. Every time I lay on her table, I immediately feel calm and relaxed. She often has profound words of wisdom for me and has made many suggestions of simple solutions that greatly improved my overall wellbeing. This woman is a true healer and takes that responsibility seriously.

-Shaina S

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