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Moms considering vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) should feel empowered to explore this option with positivity and hope. VBAC offers the chance for a more connected birthing experience, potentially leading to quicker recoveries and a smoother transition into motherhood. It also presents an opportunity to reduce the risks associated with multiple cesarean sections, promoting better long-term health outcomes for both mom and baby.

By choosing
 to explore VBAC, mothers can embrace the beauty of childbirth while avoiding the potential challenges of major surgery. It's a journey filled with possibilities and the chance to create precious memories as you welcome your little one into the world.

Intentionally building a healthcare team that is experienced and supportive of your goals and vested in providing care tailored to your preferences and helping you to achieve a safe and fulfilling birth experience is crucial.  

At Dr. Mama Bird Chiropractic, our goal is to wrap mamas in support while also being a resource to help mothers build their all-star birth team.

Potential Benefits of VBAC
Faster recovery

Faster bonding with baby

Less Breastfeeding Challenges
Decrease risk of hemorrhage and infection 
Potential to avoid the risks of  multiple cesareans

Decrease risk of asthma, allergies, ASD for baby

Improved longterm low back health

Improved postpartum experience

Less painful scar tissue

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Redemptive Birth

Becoming a mom can be beautiful, and sometimes the way we make the transition into motherhood can leave us both leave physically and emotionally scared.

While some mothers can only express intense gratitude after making the empowered choice to employ the
life-saving procedures that brought their babies to them; many others feel are left feeling robbed, empty,  and violated.

That's how Dr. Alex felt as the PTSD and trauma sank in after I had an emergency unplanned cesarean with her first son.


Whether you have had a c-section or other interventions,  

HOW EVER you feel about it is COMPLETELY valid.


That is why we are passionate about helping mamas prepare their bodies, their minds, and their spirits as they set out to have a redeeming and empowering experience regardless of how their babies arrive.

At Dr. Mama Bird Chiropractic,
our goal is to wrap mamas in support so they build their all-star birth team, prepare their minds with childbirth education, prepare their bodies for birth, and nourish their spirits with love and empowerment.


I am so thankful to have found Dr. Alex while pregnant! She is so gentle and kind at each appointment, that I always leave feeling well taken care of. She started our first session in the best way, with education! With this being my first pregnancy, the education aspect is invaluable. She was thorough about explaining every procedure and is constantly educating us on a women's body during pregnancy, during labor and postpartum. She truly listens to your pains and offers great suggestions to do at home after care to help alleviate them. Since seeing her, my husband and I have become more active for the baby, have started doing nightly stretching and i just purchased my first exercise ball. Dr. Alex is priceless to have in your corner during pregnancy. I look forward to seeing her for years to come, even after pregnancy! Go see her, you wont regret it!

Ashley S

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