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"How Can You Support Your Body's Healing Process After a C-Section?"

According to 2009 (the most recent) data from the National Vital Statistics System, nearly 33% of women gave birth via C-section.

✨And now—you just want to know how to heal✨

The body does this magical thing after surgery where it creates scar tissue.

But sometimes (as is often the case with C-section incisions) scarring can bring things together that we’d like to avoid—

Like making organs become really close neighbors.🏠

(As an example, the bladder and the uterus often heal together via scar tissue post C-section.)

(Note: EVERYONE’S HEALING WILL LOOK DIFFERENT! This is just an example.)

A great place to start is with visceral manipulation (visceral = the soft internal organs of the body, especially those contained within the abdominal and thoracic cavities).

This is where a bodywork therapist works with your tissues to make sure everyone is moving around happily and independently inside.

(aka freeing the uterus from any adhesions)

When everything is co-existing, each organ is able to perform its best for you!

Want to start your healing journey? Book a complimentary consult today!

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