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Myth Busting, Being Unhealthy Is Just About Getting Sick

Let’s bust a myth! Lacking health or struggling with a disease doesn’t just mean something happened to you (i.e. you caught something, you got hurt, etc), it means that your body is no longer adapting. While proactive care can’t prevent everything, the amount it can has a ratio that far outweighs the bad!

When we work with you, we explore the 5 biological signs of life & your body’s ability to express them, and work on ways to help you define a lifestyle of health to support them.

  1. Your body’s ability to assimilate. From focusing on nutrition to helping you establish healthy neurological patterns, our 360-approach is based on the fact that nutrients and chemicals turn into the cells that keep you going. By having a well-rounded perspective and health routine, thinking about actions to support your digestive and nervous systems is vital for longevity.

  2. Inability to eliminate properly. People who are struggling with gut problems tend to see the need for a lifelong and cumulative change. We talk about everything from imbalance posture that could be squeezing your organs, to lack of rest causing your body to move the energy needed for some functionality to focusing on supporting the strain on your system during times of stress. Your digestive system is intrinsically connected with every other part of your body, so we look at finding the root cause rather than just helping you create a quick solution.

  3. Reproduce. Having a hard time conceiving? While women have an incredible gift of giving life, the stresses & strain throughout your life could have created unknown blocks or harm & giving yourself space to shift and ensure your body is ready to conceive is essential in helping your body know it’s ready to create! There is no shame in helping your body adjust as it prepares to reproduce; in fact, offering your body the chance to relieve previous strain can often have long lasting, positive outcomes for the comfort of your pregnancy.

  4. Utilize energy. Low energy can be your body’s way of letting you know it’s over-using your regular energy in areas that are struggling.

  5. Responsiveness. When you are burnt out, you stop responding and shift to reactions. Your body stops responding to the stressors, become apathetic to stimulus & shift to reacting. This is where we see a major increase in spine degeneration, where there is no more adaption, there is just breaking down. This is why we believe in life long care, because your body is with you for as long as you’re around– and you deserve to enjoy every step of the way.

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