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Meet the Person Behind the EnKindle Passion + A Gift Just for Our Pregnant / Postpartum Mamas!

Hey there! I’m Dr Alex Pankoke, a woman who wears many hats– but my most important one is being the biggest advocate for my patients’ health at EnKindle Chiropractic.

After a lifetime of feeling like I was constantly trying to conform to someone else's idea of health, business & practice, motherhood, and beauty; I realized that I don't belong in these boxes– none of us do. Life is a masterpiece that we get to shape and mold everyday. It’s why I’ve shaped Enkindle Chiropractic to stand apart from so many other Chiropractic practices. And we’ve got five years of adjusting thousands of mamas and families that share the same health goals we have!

With a great Sports-Focused Chiropractor as a partner, in both practice and life, Enkindle Chiropractic is a family practice for those gearing up and growing their own families, run by a family who lives the same active lifestyle you do.

We know one-size doesn’t fit all, so our protocols and health plans are uniquely designed to explore your individual needs and health goals, with quantity and frequency of visits outlined to both fit into your schedule and work to meet your budget.

Care this thorough starts with some serious intention, which is why we split our first session up between two visits: the first session is extra long, giving us lots of time to learn about your health-history, lifestyle details, and perform a variety of examinations that give us a keen look at your physical structure and nervous system. We pull all of this information together to create our suggested plan, which we bring to you in the second session – opening up the conversation to discuss our medical suggestions and find a way to make it match what feels right for you! We want you to feel confident with your care before you walk out of the door, so we make final decisions on future sessions, begin to build out your care routine to match your schedule, and go ahead and get you started with your first adjustment. Even better? We only charge one fee for both of these visits, which means you get over an hour and a half of care for one introductory price!

While we love to work with everyone of all ages, one of our favorite type of folks to work with are parents preparing for pregnancy and birth! While we love to begin care a year before you plan to start trying to have a little one– as it has so many incredible benefits, like helping your body recover from previous trauma and helping you explore what’s best for your body to detox from – our expertise supports you at any stage you start your prenatal journey. When you start care is the right time; Chiropractic care is here to help you prepare your body for an amazing birth. While this can’t always be guaranteed, we’ve had so many great success stories of mom’s sharing their enthusiasm about their body’s evolution during this life-changing experience. From sciatica struggles, to back pain, and more, our practice is here to help your body function better.

We know gearing up to expand your family is a major decision, so we wanted to offer a little extra comfort and relaxation to your journey. For all those preparing to get pregnant or who are already pregnant, and looking to start consistent care, we are offering a free pregnancy breastfeeding pillow for the next 5 mamas who sign up!

From extra long sessions, lasting 20-45 minutes, to consistent communication, extra opportunities that explore your body’s health through support in exercise training and movement protocols, plus regular analysis of your care’s success, we at EnKindle Chiropractic are here to bring rest, recovery and support to your active lifestyle and growing families. We’re here to help you find your fire.


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